If parents cannot agree over arrangements for their children, it is sometimes necessary to ask the Court to assist. 

This usually then means that Cafcass will be invited to prepare a report and make a recommendation to the Court as to how the parties should proceed. 

A Cafcass Officer has anonymously written an article about 'what they are really thinking' and it does not surprise me that their main sympathy lies with the children who can sometimes find themselves caught in the middle. 

Cafcass play a vital role in any Children Act proceedings and often spend time with, or speak to, the children to ascertain their wishes and feelings. 

It is well published that it may not be the breakdown of a relationship that is detrimental to children, but the way in which the parents communicate after a separation that can affect a child. It is vital that parents find a constructive way to co-parent and Cafcass will seek to assist with this as far as is possible. 

If you and your ex-partner cannot agree arrangements for your children, and would wish to discuss the options now available to you, please do get in touch with me:

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