ITV Tonight featured a programme last night regarding the current divorce laws and exploring whether there should be amendments. 

Currently, the law is such that a Petition for divorce can be issued on the basis of adultery, unreasonable behaviour or for a period of separation to have passed (either two years with consent or five years). 

ITV explored whether having to wait for a period of time to pass or having to blame one spouse causes a detrimental effect on the spouses and any children. 

Resolution's lobbying for a No Fault Divorce was also explored and the stories from couples who had recently divorced almost certainly added credence to the argument that the law should be changed. 

Other options such as a 'Divorce Hotel' and mediation were explored but I was disappointed by the lack of reference to Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law is a great way of couples being able to work together and remain amicable throughout the process. Collaborative Lawyers are specially trained to be able to work in this way and assist couples going through a relationship breakdown. 

Both myself and Caroline Frost are Collaborative Lawyers and are able to work effectively in this way. 

If you are going through a separation, there are many options available to you. Please contact me for more information as to how we can help:


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