A 'good divorce' is probably an oxymoron (something I had to look up for my daughter's homework this week)!

Having a good divorce may seem impossible but there are certainly 'better' ways of doing it.  

Getting divorced is more often than not, extremely costly, emotionally draining and a damaging experience.  Damaging, not just for the couple themselves, but for their children, extended family and friends.

Mediation offers a different approach to couples.  It allows couple to meet a neutral, specially-trained third party to discuss and resolve issues about their separation.  This could include arrangements for their children, dividing money, property and pensions and agreeing a way forward to formally unravel their marriage.

Decisions are made together, after an open exchange of information and a practical reality- checking of any options which are put forward.  

The result is considerably less cost (from around £600 per person compared to the average divorce cost of £14,500 per person), less stress and a much better chance of maintaining a workable relationship as parents.

If you would like to enquire about our mediation service - please contact Julie Lewis or Caroline Frost on 01722 446246 E: carolinef@inspirefamily.co.uk